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Spanish-Language Resources

CFP Board has prepared Spanish-language versions of several online and print advertisements from our Public Awareness Campaign for use by CFP® professionals who work with Spanish-speaking clients.

Online Banners

To view the online banner ads again, press F5 to refresh your browser (Command-R on a Mac).


"Pocket" Banner Ad


"Magnet" Banner Ad


"Scissors" Banner Ad


"Test" Banner Ad

CFP Board is providing you with the interactive online banner files for use on your websites. Each file is a Flash video file (SWF), and sample instructions and code for embedding each size of file is provided below.

To download, select a document by right clicking on the appropriate text link next to your choice (Control-click on a Mac). A window will appear prompting you to open or save the document; choose "Save Target As...". Depending on the speed of your computer, download times may vary.

Banner Name (Dimensions)

File Size

Banner File (SWF)

Embed Code (RTF)

Flashlight (300x250) 23KB Download Download
Drive        (300x250) 23KB Download Download
Pocket     (300x250) 23KB Download Download
Magnet    (300x250) 37KB Download Download
Scissors   (300x250) 23KB Download Download
Test         (300x250) 23KB Download Download

Print Ads

Download the Ad >

Download the Ad >

To download these ads, click the image or links above.

Ads can be placed using a few easy steps…

  1. After you have selected a magazine, newspaper or other publication to advertise in, contact the advertising representative to review the basic process for submitting an ad. Following are some of the basic questions to ask:
    • How much will the ad cost? Are there discounts for running my ad more than once? Do you have a rate card for different sizes and different running times of ads?
    • What day of the week or month would be the best time to run my ad?
    • Which section of your publication would be the best place to run my ad?
    • What are your deadlines for reserving a spot and how soon will you need the artwork?
    • Will you accept ad artwork as a high-resolution PDF file?
  2. In order to ensure correct use of the CFP® certification marks, it is requested that you have CFP Board review your ad. Contact the trademark department at or 800-487-1497 for instructions.
  3. Prior to submitting the ad to the publication, remember to provide a copy to your compliance department for review and approval.
  4. Your ad is ready for submission. If you haven't done so yet, provide the customized PDF file of the ad to the advertising representative.
  5. Ask the advertising representative to see an ad proof before publication to check for possible errors. Confirm the date(s) that your ad will run and don't forget to pick up a copy of the final publication for yourself.

Use of Content
CFP Board's advertising materials are copyrighted. Please make sure to include the appropriate copyright information when using any of the templates. All information, documents and materials available from CFP Board may not be resold, republished, or copied, without the prior consent of CFP Board. Information, documents and materials may be reprinted for educational and nonprofit purposes only. CFP Board will generally grant permission to use content or reprint additional copies of copyrighted materials upon a user's written request. In order to receive CFP Board's written consent, complete the Copyright Permission Request Form and send to CFP Board. You may mail or fax your request to CFP Board.

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